Love FriendCaster on your Android Phone? How about your Android Tablet?

I’ve been a big fan of FriendCaster for a while now. Sure I may not have jumped on it the day it was released from developer Chris Banes, but ever since I’ve had the application, I’ve never looked back to the native Facebook app. A quick search will drum up four posts alerting our reader about updates to Flow for Facebook (now FriendCaster). Now that Handmark has a hand in the development I believe it can only get better (Although to be honest, the app has been rather buggy lately). Look at TweetCaster (free version), by far my favorite Twitter app and loved by many.


Now to the news. Over at XDA, member senab (aka Chris Banes, see his profile) has brought to our attention that FriendCaster is being optimized for Honeycomb tablets. senab is sure to inform, that this will be a private alpha release by the end of the week. So if you run an Android 3.0 tablet, and are hunting for a great alternative to the native Facebook application, get over to the XDA thread and  leave your feedback, and register for the private alpha.

[via xda]

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